Shikakai Benefits for Hair & Skin

Shikakai is an Ayurveda plant looks like tamarind and its paste looks like mud which is made from dried fruit pods, leaves, and bark of the plant Acacia concinna. Shikakai is found in Asia and mostly grown in south Asia and central Asia. Use of shikakai can be made for different purpose as this plant has no side effect and consist many health benefits. Shikakai is mostly used for the hair problems. It has natural low pH so hairs doesn’t make natural oil of hair dry which helps to solve hair fall and scalp problems. Along with shikakai, many other herbs are used to increase its benefits such as amla (Indian gooseberry or Phyllanthus emblica), neem (Azadirachtaindica), orange rind, rose petals, dried barks / fruits / flowers / seeds like reetha (soap nuts), Allovers, nagarmotha (Cyperusscariosus), hibiscus flowers, fenugreek, Brahmin (Bacopamonnieri), etc

Benefits of Shikakai:

Hair can be made thick, and healthy with daily use of shikakai. It also makes hair lustrous.
It helps to maintain the natural oil of hair which reduces hair fall and with regular use, it can stop hair fall.
Many people use conditioner to keep hair healthy but conditioner may result into the main reason of hair fall. If you use shikakai then you won’t need any conditioner as it works better than any conditioner.
It has natural herbs like exhibit antimicrobial properties which enable to get complete relief from lice.
Since many years, Shikakai leaves are also used for making anti-dandruff as it not only clear dandruff but also finish it.
Shikakai comes with vitamins A, C, D, and K and antioxidants which are very important for the maintenance of hair and prevent different hair problems and make hair grow very fast.
Hair become smooth and shiny after use of two weeks

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