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Dr.Sands’ original CMO Capsules – ‘The Highest Quality’!

CMO also known as Cetyl myristoleate is a dietary supplement that contains a concentrated extract of the fatty acid cerasomal-cis-9-acetyl-myristoleate from natural bovine source. CMO is not found in vegetable oils or other common foods but is found in low amounts in animal connective tissue. Dr. Sands’ discovered this natural ingredient and wanted to share this amazing product with others.

Natural Essentials have been the original seller of genuine CMO for thousands of customers for many years, that’s why we have brought it back, due to popular demand.

Try it today and your joints will thank you for it!

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60 Tablets


CMO (cetyl myristoleate) 770mg per two capsules.
Magnesium 88mg


The important thing is to keep to foods and drinks that do not stress the liver or immune system. The following guidelines appear to work very well for the majority of patients:

Diet Restrictions
For best results the following MUST NOT BE CONSUMED while taking CMO and for two weeks after finishing all of the capsules. These substances stress the immune system, overload the liver, and reduce the effectiveness of CMO. You may return to your usual eating pattern after this time period.


Take 2 Capsules each morning and evening on an empty stomach as a dietary supplement or as directed. It is recommended to use Natural Essentials Digestive Complex (Enzymes Capsule) as it is developed in line with the CMO capsules.

Use the correct protocol. Take the CMO and enzymes with a large 8 ounce glass of water on an empty stomach. Empty stomach means you eat nothing for an hour before or after taking the CMO. Take only CMO and digestive enzymes, do not take your vitamins or other medications at the same time because they will change the pH of your digestive tract and reduce the bio-availability of CMO. Use the same quantity of enzymes as per their suggested instructions for meals. You only need to use the enzymes when you take the CMO not with your meals.

Use the correct dosage. Take the CMO and enzymes twice a day so that the CMO equals a 770mg serving to equal 1540mg daily. There are many formulas and strengths of CMO. The most common is 385mg of CMO in 770mg capsule with 60 capsules per bottle. In short, take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules at night for 15 days.

After successfully completing the CMO routine, take glucosamine supplements to help cartilage growth. Although there are many complex and expensive therapies to induce rapid cartilage growth, these 2 supplements are the most effective and economical cartilage growth fuel available. The good news is that like scar tissue on your skin, the cartilage that grows back will be up to seven times stronger.

Nutritional Info

CMO (cetyl myristoleat from beef tallow extract), Magnesium (from magnesium amino acid Chelate)